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I have counseled over 6,000 injured workers in my 25+ years of experience.

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About Us

SOS was founded by Alan Sims in Los Angeles, along with a team of experts experienced in all aspects of return to work and vocational  rehabilitation processes.

While based in Los Angeles, he handled cases from Ventura to Orange County and the San Gabriel Valley.

With the acceptance of virtual online meetings, we can get the process started quickly and engage our clients with the benefits.

Let us help you through the process...


We will discuss your vocational goals and ideas. With good discussions and evidence-based data, I will guide you through the voucher process to reach your goal within the voucher  guidelines for Return to Work.


Vocational resources offer valuable tools and information to guide individuals in their career development, providing insights into job opportunities, skill-building, and industry trends. 


Vocational skills hold immense value by equipping individuals with practical abilities and expertise that directly align with specific occupations, enhancing employability and job performance.