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SJDB VOUCHER Return to Work

RTW = Return to Work

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Need vs. Want

Needs are the necessities required for survival and well-being, while wants are desires that enhance our quality of life beyond basic survival. Distinguishing between needs and wants can be important for making responsible decisions about how to allocate resources, time, and energy in our lives.

SJDB Voucher Benefits

We will confirm your eligibility, review and confirm career  & school choice, and contact the parties as needed. SJDB


We will explain the need for this item and assist in applying for reimbursement.

SCHOOL Selection

The right school gives you training to reach your career goals, but must be on the approved school list.

PAPERWORK Processing

The work comp process has alot of words, terms and abbreviations. We will guide you through it.

RTWSP Payment

We will ensure your entitlement to this fund.  We will assist you in applying for and following up for the funds. RTWSP


We will explain this benefit and instruct you in how to apply as well as receive reimbursement.

CAREER Selection

Making a thoughtful and informed career choice empowers you to maximize your potential.  Take a free interest test.

VRTWC Counselor

A Vocational Return to Work Counselor, VRTWC, must be certified by the DWC and be present on the VRTWC_list

Help, 1…2…3…

Our proven formula for achieving your goals is designed with simplicity in mind. Step one: Identify your needs and aspirations. Step two: Explore our carefully curated solutions tailored to meet those needs. Step three: Watch as your dreams become reality with our exceptional products and unparalleled support. Experience the ease of success with us – it’s as effortless as 1, 2, 3.

Free Consultation

This helps us establish a connection, provide information, and helps both of us determine whether we are a good fit for working together and guiding you the best we can.

Free Testing

This is a ‘no obligation’ service for you to take a widely accepted interest test, which can help you find or confirm the career you are considering for training.

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